About us

About us


Link Loans have operated in the UK loan market for the past decade. We specialise in offering a range of personal finance solutions to UK citizens over the age of 21.

While other loan institutions look at algorithms, numbers, and your credit score, we believe you are much more than that! We understand how difficult things have become financially, especially since the financial crash of 2008. We know that many families are struggling to make ends meet on their monthly paychecks. And prices for food, education, well pretty much everything keeps on rising.

For this reason, we value the human side of loans. We want to help you every step of the way and rest assured, we will provide you with not only sound advice, but a loan product that you can afford, be it an unsecured loan, a logbook loan against the value of your vehicle, or one of the many other options we have to offer.

Why choose us?

Our staff are some of the best in the unsecured loan market. Our loans are tailor-made to suit your needs, but never to overextend your budget. Not only that, but our customer service experience is second-to-none. Our staff are at the forefront of all the latest in loan trends, receiving regular training in the critical aspects that affect their job on a daily basis, and customer service of course!

Even though we will only give you a loan that is affordable to your unique circumstance, we understand that some months, things can still be a little tight. We have unique structures in place should you struggle to make a monthly repayment, as long as you come and talk to us first! Best of all, we charge no penalty fees. We will never increase your monthly payments should you miss one either.

Best yet, we provide loans for those people who suffer from a bad credit history, something other loan providers steer well clear from. We understand that it was not your intention to build up a bad credit history, and it is something we will never hold against you at all.

Our staff are waiting to help you. Contact us today, either by email, phone or visit our offices and let us assist you in securing a loan that you so desperately need.