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Desperately in need of a loan?

Desperately in need of a loan?

Frustrated by constant rejection by other loan institutions?

Is your poor credit score or the fact that you are blacklisted the reason?

Don’t worry, there is hope… as we can help you with an unsecured loan, no credit checks needed at all.


What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is very similar to a personal loan. There are a few fundamental changes, however. When you take out a personal loan with a bank or other financial institution, they will do thorough credit checks. With an unsecured loan, this is not necessary.

And now you are thinking “Sure, but if I want a loan I am going to have to put up an asset like a piece of jewellery, my car or even my house”. Nothing could be further from the truth. None of your assets are used as collateral.

So how does it work?

Applying for an unsecured loan is very simple! We streamline the process to make it both quick and easy. Not only that but be rest assured that we find you the best possible loan for your unique needs. All this is done free of charge of course!

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You will either need to email us or visit our offices to get the ball rolling. We will require a number of pieces of important information from you, so be sure to bring them along.

This includes the following:

  • Personal identification (either an identity document, passport or drivers licence)
  • Proof of address (a utility bill is perfect)
  • Three months wage slips (as proof that you earn a regular income)
  • Three months bank statements (to help determine an easily repayable loan amount)
  • The name of your employer, a contact number and address

There are other pieces of information we require as well, such as your expenditure. This helps us work out a loan that will not place too much financial strain on you every month. You need to be a UK resident and over the age of 21 to apply for an unsecured loan with us.

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All loan terms, as well as monthly repayments, will be discussed with you in full before we conclude the loan agreement. It is imperative that you understand that missing a payment can result in a loan cancellation and the money being recouped from you through legal means.

If you know you are struggling to make a monthly payment, contact one of our loan experts. We will do everything in our power to help you and we have the means to do this. From adding a payment to the end of the loan term to renegotiating terms, we can help. We will not penalise you in any way should you need help in this regard. Never skip a payment without informing us of your intentions. Let us help you!

If you need any further information regarding an unsecured loan, please contact us for a free brochure, or better still, come and speak to one of our staff. We will guide you every step of the way!